Our organization has several committees in order to distribute responsibilities appropriately to our members. Each of these committees provide a different opportunity to help IEEE provide its many services and promote networking within the organization.

Corporate Committee

Professional development is one of the most important aspects in an engineer’s career, and for IEEE, that means helping our members find jobs and succeed in them. In order to make this happen, the IEEE Corporate Committee works very closely with external organizations and corporations to help our members get a good sense of what sort of opportunities are available.

Publicity Committee

The role of the Publicity committee is to publicize IEEE events to the engineering student body.

Service Committee

The IEEE Service committee is dedicated to coordinating and planning several community service events throughout the semester.

Projects Committee

IEEE Projects Committee exists to empower students and allow them to pursue technical projects outside the classroom. IEEE facilitates students by providing access to labs where students can work on the projects during their own time, as well as access to equipment and mentorship.

Activities Committee

In IEEE, many events happen throughout each semester. The Activities Committee is responsible for organizing and creating new events. It is a strong belief of IEEE that an active community is important to the society and the EECS community as a whole.